Welcome to My VA Heather! My name is Heather. I am a talented and dynamic Virtual Assistant (VA) with more than ten years of experience helping busy executives and entrepreneurs maximize their productivity. I have a group of skilled professionals on my team that are eager to exceed your expectations. You can utilize our skill sets to free up some of your time, increase your efficiency, and surpass your goals. Let us do what we were built for so you can do more of what you were built for.


Marketing SupportBasic Website Design and MaintenanceReport, Presentation, and Content Creation Social Media ManagementEvent Planning and Implementation Bookkeeping and Invoicing Accurate and Extensive Research Editing and Proofreading  Email and Calendar Management  Travel Arrangements/Itineraries  CRM Management Data Entry  Virtual Receptionist

Why Hire a VA?

More and more busy executives and entrepreneurs are bringing on VAs and reaping the endless benefits from doing so. Here are some examples of how a VA can help you succeed:

How amazing would it be to have a professional available to you during regular business hours without having to pay them for the downtime that a typical employee would have in the office? We track and record our hours precisely and you only pay for the time that we dedicate to you and your business.  Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about the hassle and expense of providing benefits such as health insurance, retirement options, paid time off, and other inconvenient details. Think of all of the money this will save you!

Wouldn’t it be great to have the support of someone that has experience and skills in important areas that you would prefer not to devote all of your valuable time to?  Using our skill sets and experience, we can focus on these areas so that you can direct your efforts towards where they will be most effective.

Perhaps you would rather not facilitate office space or equipment! You won’t need to. We operate out of our state of the art offices. We equip ourselves with the most up-to-date hardware and software, so you won’t ever have to worry about pouring money into more space, technological advancements, or equipment maintenance.

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Who is Heather?

Circle 300x300For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed a challenge. Projects that scare the pants off of the average person are the ones that I am drawn to. As a child, I got a peculiar amount of enjoyment out of organizing and reorganizing my mother’s filing cabinets for her home business. Typical teenagers don’t make it a point to review and update their action item lists every night before bed, but I did! One of my favorite hobbies before I was even in high school was tinkering with Excel to do my father’s expense reports. I mean, have you seen everything that program is capable of?

All these years later, I still love to plan and organize. In fact, I’ve made a rewarding career out of it! These days, I’m organizing and reorganizing files on a much larger scale for busy entrepreneurs. Instead of doing my father’s expense reports, I’m developing and implementing expense reporting procedures to help businesses run efficiently.

Majoring in Nonprofit Leadership and Management at Arizona State University gave me vast knowledge of the world of business that I am able to apply every day. Throughout the course of my time at ASU, my obsession with strategy and results translated into a passion for marketing. Now, I specialize in lighting your company’s marketing on fire. I use the ideal combination of social media, email marketing, and sales funnels among other tactics to boost your business to new heights.

I manage a team of Virtual Assistants that I’ve specifically designed so that we can provide superior support in every avenue of a client’s business. I revel in the fact that my treasured action item lists are long enough to require a couple reams of paper, a stone tablet, and a few notes on the palm of my hand now. I was made to do so that I can help you do what you do!


Our hourly package rates are based on the number of hours you retain our services for each month. We meticulously track our hours and invoice clients for the hours we used at the end of our monthly term.

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Our social media packages are based on the services provided to our clients. Please see below for the scope of work and investment details.

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Which package would you most benefit from? We’d love to put together a proposal specific to your needs if you don’t feel that our standard packages are suited for your exact needs! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or if we can provide you with any additional information.

*Discounts are available for nonprofit organizations. 


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